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Turbo Inspection
  We have a $65.00 dollar inspection charge for any turbo that is sent in. After we clean it and thoroughly inspect it we contact you with an estimate and let you know of any additional parts and charges that your turbo may need. If you decide to go ahead with the rebuild or upgrade, the $65.00 dollar charge will be put towards your rebuild/upgrade. If you decide not to proceed with any services the inspection fee is not refundable. You must pay for return shipping if you want your parts back.
Broken or damaged studs/bolts
  Care should be taken when removing your turbo to avoid damaging any studs but if one is damaged we can drill it out and fix the damage. There is a $50.00 dollar charge for each stud that needs to be drilled out, re-tapped, and replaced. It is important that your studs are in good condition not only for re-installation but also for the machining process.
Abandoned Items
  An item will be considered abandoned if upon completion of item its owner fails to pay within 90 days of completion (invoice date). At that time the item will become the property of Midwest Turbo Connection and will be resold at a later date to recover the expenses incured to rebuild or service said item. Midwest Turbo Connection is under no obligation to repay customer for abandonded items if contacted after the 90 day wait period. By agreeing to have us rebuild or service your item you are agreeing to these abandonment terms.
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